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KJ Ross-Petersen ApS is an independent laboratory owned by Karl J. Ross-Petersen, Ph.D. The lab was founded in 1984 and is now situated in the research park Symbion in Copenhagen. The region is often referred to as the Medicon Valley, an area centered around Greater Copenhagen and the southern part of Sweden. This area represents the largest pharmaceutical and bio-technological growth centre in Scandinavia and one of the highest concentrations of healthcare industries in all of Europe.


KJ Ross-Petersen ApS

Dalsgaardsvej 22

DK-2930 Klampenborg



Phone: (+45) 20 19 36 46

fax: (+45) 39 17 97 47

e-mail: karl@ross.dk



Contract Research

We undertake contract research within the field of synthetic organic chemistry. Our specialty is through experiments making recipes for production of intermediates and final drugs. We also undertake preparation of molecules in mg to kg scale.


In several years the lab produced cyanoethylphosphoramidites (the DNA building blocks) as well as all the reagents for the synthesis of oligonucleotides. The products were sold under its own label on the Scandinavian market.


KJ Ross-Petersen ApS has a regular manufacture in multi-kg scale of:

Nordihydroguaiaretic acid(NDGA)


Trolox¨ (reg. name of Hofmann-La Roche).


Both products are antioxidants and primarily used inthe biotech and the cosmetic industry.

They are both sold from stock.




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Office:    Dalsgaardsvej 22        DK-2930Klampenborg      Denmark       www.ross.dk

Laboratory:    Fruebjergvej 3    DK-2100 Copenhagen O   VAT No. DK1151 5975